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Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis from Industrial Lubrication Services provides our clients with onsite testing and Oil Filtration Services for all petroleum products. ILS has a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most intense deadline pressure. Let us assist you with managing the details. At ILS, it is our philosophy to provide our clients with environmentally conscious, cost saving solutions in today’s economy by minimizing waste oil. Industrial Lubrication Service’s oil filtration process removes contaminants from lubricating fluids through our custom fluid handling equipment designed specifically for our client’s unique application requirements.

ILS Filtration Process Features:

  • We remove debris, dirt, wear particles, and other particulate contamination
  • We filter all types of fluid
  • We have service capacity for both small and large systems
  • We are capable of connecting to running equipment
  • Our services include in depth oil analysis report interpretation 
  • Our services meet and or exceed OEM industry cleanliness specifications