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Vacuum Dehydration

Vacuum dehydration eliminates water and gas contamination that can lead to severe damage to system components. When hydrocarbons become saturated in oil, this can lead to major safety concerns. Industrial Lubrication Services uses the most up to date technologies to safely and efficiently remove these contaminants. Water and gas contamination in equipment can cause severe damage to machine parts like bearings and hydraulics and can cause safety concerns when hydrocarbons are saturated in the oil. ILS will safely and efficiently remove these water and gas contaminants. 

ILS Water and Gas Removal Process Features:

  • Removes water contamination (free, emulsified, and dissolved) to achieve overall moisture content as low as 20 PPM
  • Process can handle hazardous gases
  • Removes particulate contamination utilizing beta(c)>1000 rated microglass filter elements to achieve ISO cleanliness levels down to 14/12/11 or lower
  • Removes entrained air and gases                    
  • Can be equipped with special filter elements to remove varnish and/or acids
  • Available in a variety of sizes and flow rates ranging from 1 GPM To 100 GPM or higher       
  • Requires no downtime on your production
  • Avoids costly bleed and feeds
  • We also include emergency response capabilities